3rd at Erzbergrodeo XX

June 1, 2014 – Eisenerz, Austria – KTM Factory rider Andreas Letti Lettenbichler spent three very successful and special days at the legendary Erzbergrodeo crowned by a great 3rd place at the Red Bull Hare Scramble!

The 20th edition of the Erzbergrodeo in Eisenerz (Austria) attracted not only more than 40,000 spectators but the entire elite in Extreme Enduro. It was Letti’s 9th appearance at the “Iron Giant”, his first on a KTM and his 6th podium result.

With a solid 10th place in the “Prolog” qualification he secured one of the 50 slots in the first of 10 starting rows of the main event of the Erzbergrodeo, the Red Bull Hare Scramble on Sunday.

Letti caught a good start and put himself in second position after his team mate Jonny Walker (UK, KTM): “This was a very fast Hare Scramble. Right with the start everybody was pushing really hard to get the lead. I managed to keep my pace for almost all of the race, everything went really smooth and my KTM simply was a dream to ride and caused zero problems.

In “Carl’s Dinner” I got a little tired and Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez came closer. Graham passed my in the lower part of Carl’s Dinner but I got back in shape again and was able to stay ahead of Alfredo. The new section “Lazy Noon” wasn’t as tough as I expected and I started to get goose bumps when I got close to the Erzbergrodeo Arena with the Red Bull finish arch. Getting there again with a podium result is just one of the greatest things that can happen in Extreme Enduro. The list of riders was stuffed with all the big names and to come in third behind Jonny – who performed exceptionally well, congratulations! – and Graham is a superb result for me.

Certainly my son added a unique and very special flavor because he managed to reach the finish line within the four hours – an incredibly good result for a 16 years old guy. I’m really proud, this is the first time ever that a father and his son finished the Erzbergrodeo and Manuel will have a great future.

Now the preparations for Red Bull Romaniacs start. Dracula’s backyard has always been a special place to ride and I’m looking forward to the 11th edition!”

Top 10 Result – XX. Erzbergrodeo
Red Bull Hare Scramble
Eisenerz (Austria), June 1, 2014

1. Jonny Walker (KTM), 1 hour 39 minutes 38 seconds
2. Graham Jarvis, 1:52:50
3. Andreas Lettenbichler (GER, KTM)
4. Alfredo Gómez Cantero, 1:55:53
5. Paul Bolton (KTM), 1:57:21
6. Dougie Lampkin (KTM), 2:07:31
7. Cory Grafunder, 2:07:51
8. Ben Hemingway, 2:20:01
9. Taylor Robert (KTM), 2:21:24
10. Cody Webb, 02:22:06

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