Solid 5th at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2015

October 6th, 2015 – Kemer (Turkey)

KTM Factory rider Andreas „Letti“ Lettenbichler  earns a very solid 5th rank in the Mountain Race – the main event of Red Bull Sea to Sky in Kemer (Turkey). Ahead of the main event Letti scored a surprising 3rd in the Beach Race and a 5th place in the Forest Race right behind his son Manuel Lettenbichler (GER, KTM).

Edition 6 of the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro was the last race in Andreas’ calendar in 2015. After damaging the thumb on the last day of Red Bull Romaniacs a surgery was required to fix it again. Because Letti could not train on the bike during the recovery period it was decided that it was a good opportunity to also fix ongoing problems with the shoulders. So he traveled to Turkey with just a few training sessions before the event that took place at the Turkish Riviera on Oct. 2-4, 2015.

The event was kicked off with the Beach Race, a fenced motocross-style circuit right next to the hotels of Kemer. Letti took the holeshot and was in the lead for about one lap before his teammate Jonny Walker (UK) was able to pass him. Despite a decent crash in the stone section it was the 3rd place at the finish line:

„The race went quite well, I took the holeshot which was important so you stay out of troubles in the first laps and also out of the dust. A lot of riders got stuck in the tyres and the rocks. I also took a big crash in the rocks, flipped over the front of the bike. It was very tiring, really, really physical and I’m super happy to get the first podium here at Red Bull Sea to Sky!“

The Forest Race track had been designed by Klaus Sørensen of the XVENTURE team together with the Kemer Enduro Club and they did a lot of good work on it. About 80% of the track was new. Besides single trails in the forest there was quite a bit of riding in riverbeds, all ridable for everyone – the Pro riders had a big smile on their face after the finish line. Letti finished 5ht right behind his son Manuel:

„Nice single trails, into the riverbed and out again and again – a big compliment to the crew who designed the track! I had a good flow throughout the entire race today even though I chose the wrong mousse for the race. It was too hard and I should have used a softer one. But I still made it into the first starting row for the main event tomorrow. Seeing Manuel on the 4th place makes me really happy. I expected him to beat me one day – that day has come now and it’s a great feeling.“

After a spectacular motocross-like Beach Race on Friday and an Enduro style Forest Race on Saturday it was the main event – the Mountain Race – that gathered thousands of spectators. They started at 09:00AM right from the beach in Kemer and the 67km track took them through the canyon, into the forest and all the way up to the very top of the mountain Olympos at an altitude of 2.365 m. The riders had 7 hours maximum riding time to make it to the Red Bull arch at the finish line on the summit of the mountain. Despite few training and pain in the shoulders, Letti managed to reach the finish as the 5th rider:

“I’ve had a big crash in the forest section and after that the shoulders did hurt. I got tired quite early in the race but after two months of virtually no training I’m certainly happy with the 5th position.”

Top 10 Results – Mountain Race – Red Bull Sea to Sky
October 4, 2015 – Kemer (Turkey)

1. Graham Jarvis (UK, Husqvarna) – 3 hours 8 minutes 35 seconds
2. Jonny Walker (UK, KTM) – 3:11:10
3. Wade Young (RSA, KTM) – 3:19:13
4. Paul Bolton (UK, KTM) – 3:20:19
5. Andreas Lettenbichler (GER, KTM) – 3:20:59
6. Lars Enöckl (AUT, KTM) – 3:22:57
7. Blake Gutzeit (RSA, Husqvarna) – 3:26:13
8. Jonathan Richardson (UK, KTM) – 3:30:43
9. Philipp Scholz (GER, KTM) – 3:37:57
10. Manuel Lettenbichler (GER, KTM) – 3:38:35

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