Podium at GetzenRodeo

October 25, 2014 – Grießbach (Germany)

KTM Factory rider Andreas “Letti” Lettenbichler scores another podium result by finishing 3rd at the “GetzenRodeo” Extreme Enduro race in Grießbach, Germany, behind his team mate Jonny Walker (UK. KTM) in second and Graham Jarvis in first place.

You could compare the GetzenRodeo race mode with the Hell’s Gate. The „GetzenRace“ in the morning has a two hours qualifying session with a pretty high level Extrem Enduro track. The 12 best of the GetzenRace qualified for the main event, the „GetzenChamp“ in the afternoon of the same day.

The organizers showed class not only doing a massive race with all the bells and whistles you could imagine to create a lot of fun for the spectators and a seriously challenging track for the riders – they also had the humbleness to walk the GetzenChamp track with the pro riders on the day before the race to get feedback and make adjustments where necessary to secure a challenging but fair and ridable race.

At the really tough parts there were marshals that would provide helping hands by the order of the riders arriving. This really made up for a cool race. The organizers really deserve respect for what they have created, well done!

„There was a bit of confusion at start of the GetzenRace should have been started by a cannon shot but was actually disturbed by a banger fired by a spectator in the forest. Everyone but me started and thought there would be a restart – but this didn’t happen so I was the last of 50 riders to get going. Nevertheless I managed to pass 46 riders in the first lap so I was third going into the second lap.

The GetzenRace track was pretty extreme but still good to ride and in the tough sections there were official helpers and the spectators were not allowed to help – which was really good because this made up for a really fair race. Jonny lead all the way and I battled with Graham for a while but passed him so I came in second after Jonny.

The main event, the 5 laps „GetzenChamp“, was gnarly – they topped the difficulties of the qualifying and there were about 4 sections you would have been seriously stuck without the helpers. I got a good start and had the lead for half of the first lap but got stuck in a stone section. Jonny and Graham passed me and I was quite busy securing my third position in a tight battle against Alfredo Gomez. We both pushed to the max but I was able to put a 1 minute gap on him in the final lap so I finished third.

Another podium result in this season that I’m really pleased with. It was a great and seriously tough race with a huge and enthusiastic crowd cheering all of the riders. My KTM once again performed faultless.

Now I’m preparing for the Roof of Africa in Lesotho in early December where I can even go for the second place in the Kings of Extreme Enduro Ranking.“

Top 5 Results – Getzenrodeo / GetzenChamp
October 25, 2014 – Grießbach (Germany)

1. Graham JARVIS
2. Jonny Walker (KTM)
3. Andreas Lettenbichler (KTM)

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