Letti 3rd at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014!


September 29, 2014 – Kemer, Turkey

KTM Factory rider Andreas „Letti“ Lettenbichler finally managed to get on the podium of the 5th edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky at the Turkish Riviera. Just 200m before the finish line he passed South African Wade Young and celebrated a great achievement coming in 3rd behind Graham Jarvis (1st) and his teammate Jonny Walker (2nd).

Red Bull Sea to Sky – „the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro race“ – was bigger and better than ever. 3 days of racing and three different styles:

Race Day #1 was a 15 minutes + 1 lap MotoCross style race right at the beach of Kemer. There were natural obstacles and jumps but also manmade obstacles and a top speed section along the shore. It was very hot and with the high number of riders on the track not without risky bits. Letti rode smart to make sure he stays out of troubles and got a good 9th position at the Beach Race.

Race day #2 had a fast 55km in the woods behind Kemer. The track was fast and fluent with only few technical sections in it, really tailored for the classical enduro riders. Letti pushed hard and smart and got the 3rd place in the Forest Race. It was important to get a top 10 result since the top 10 of the Forest Race would start in the first start row of the main event: The Mountain Race on Saunday.

Race day #3 is the one Letti was looking forward to most. A long ride all the way from the start at the beach through riverbeds, the forest and up to the peak of the Tahtali Mountain at 2,365m. Letti controlled his speed to preserve the energy for the technical sections of the Mountain Race. This is where he was able to pass some riders ahead of him. He was in fourth position after Wade Young when they were closing in on the finish at the top. Letti showed his experience and his never-give-up mentality once again in a brilliant way: Choosing a more difficult but much faster line in the last climb before the finish he was able to pass Wade and come in third. A great result especially since he had bad luck in all of his 3 attempts the years before.

This is how Letti experienced the 3 days at the Turkish Riviera: The Beach Race was really fast and with 50 riders on the track you always had to look for a line to ride. It was a bit dangerous here and there and there wasn’t really any reason to take a risk. I finished in 9th place, a top 10 result was good enough for me and in this intense heat it’s important to balance the energy.

The Forest Race had a good and fast flow this year, only few technical sections, a number of riverbeds, up- and downhills plus some quite fast single trails. They did a great job here in designing the track because it had everything you would want in a race of that kind and it was doable for the ambitioned riders. I got into a good and fast flow today, pushed hard because the results of the Forest Race determine the start row for the main event, the Mountain Race on Sunday. I came in third and am pleased because I was fast but rode safe and also took a bit of prize money in the Forest Race.

The start of the Mountain Race was a bit tricky, Jonny and Graham made a jump start but we all rushed off behind them. In the riverbed at the beginning the MotoCross guys pushed quite fast and I made sure to keep my 5th or 6th position. When it got more technical I passed Paul Bolton and Travis Teasdale. After the second tank stop I got Taylor Robert and we battled for a while changing positions. But I had a good speed getting closer to Wade. In the more technical section after the Silver Finish I could already see him. I pushed really hard to get him and in the last climb just some 200m before the finish I was able to pass him choosing a bit more difficult but smarter line. After three disappointing attempts I finally made it onto the podium and am super happy!

Manuel delivered an outstanding performance as well. He qualified for the first start row today and finished in 12th position. He had some technical problems but still made it to the top. However, I’m not surprised because I know what he is capable of.”

Top 10 Results – Mountain Race – Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014
September 28, 2014 – Kemer (Antalya, Turkey)

1. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna) – 2 hours 43 minutes 20 seconds
2. Jonny Walker KTM – 2:44:49
3. Andreas Lettenbichler (KTM) – 2:54:30
4. Wade Young KTM – 2:54:40
5. Paul Bolton KTM – 2:57:21
6. Taylor Robert KTM – 2:59:09
7. Travis Teasdale KTM – 2:59:58
8. Blake Gutzeit (Husqvarna) – 3:10:00
9. Dougie Lampkin KTM – 3:10:56
10. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) – 3:11:34

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