3rd at Red Bull 111 MegaWatt in Poland

September 7, 2014 – Belchatow, Poland – KTM Factory rider Andreas „Letti“ Lettenbichler scores a podium result at the Red Bull 111 MegaWatt hard enduro event in Poland.

Red Bull 111 Megawatt was the biggest EnduroCross rally in Poland ever, for both amateurs and professionals. The competition took place in a usually inaccessible location of a coal mine in Belchatow. The open pit mine is the biggest hole dug by man in Europe, and was a fantastic location for a hard enduro event with great viewing for spectators. The event is dedicated to the Polish Enduro rider Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) who’s number is 111.

Letti came to Belchatow invited by Red Bull Poland and bringing his 16 year old son Manuel with him, who served as a mechanic. The two qualifying sessions on Saturday were pretty much flat out in rather sandy terrain with few manmade obstacles and there were a lot of good riders originating from motocross in a field of nearly 500 riders. Letti took the qualifying easy and settled within the top 10.

The mode of the main event on Sunday had the riders go on three 3 laps at about 25 minutes each. 80% was sand and few hard / extreme sections:

“This was a fast race, no serious technical sections at all and I battled with the Polish motocross rider Lukas Kurowski for most of the race. It was really going back and forth between Lukas and myself. He passed me in the last lap but struggled in a little uphill so I finished 3rd 20 seconds ahead of Lukas. This was a great race, I’ve had a lot of fun, the weather was amazing and the massive crowd showed great support for all of us.

I’m pleased with my 3rd place considering the nature of the track and the two guys ahead of me. Jonny’s passion is riding in the sand and he’s really fast in these conditions. And Taddy – as the five time SuperEnduro and EnduroCross world champion – is really hard to beat on those tracks and he took the top of the podium cheered by what I would guess about 50,000 mostly Polish spectators.

Next will be the EnduroCross in Vellahn in Northern Germany on Sept. 13 and a week after Vellahn I will go to Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey. I’m really looking forward to that race because it really is unique and so far I always had bad luck with my bikes in Turkey.”

Top 5 Results Red Bull 111 Megawatt
Belchatow, Poland – Sept. 6&7, 2014

1. Taddy Blazusiak (PL, KTM) 
2. Jonny Walker (UK, KTM) 
3. Andreas Lettenbichler (GER, KTM) 
4. Lukas Kurowski (PL)
5. Sylwester Jedrzejczyk (PL)

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